The Company

At CASALWA we are always working to find the best fabrics and tailor-made fashionable clothes that are comfortable to your body and skin.
CASALWA is always working to align with our values that is to stay EXCLUSIVE, ELEGANT, and ANGGUN (Graceful).

Casalwa, How?

CASALWA was founded in 2010 by Sharifah Salwa Binti Syed Shafie and she was an accountant working from 9 am – 5 pm same as others. She is very particular about the flow and the drape of the fabric whenever she is wearing it. She wants others to also experience the same. Hence, Boom CASALWA is here!

We are creators and self-starters!  We try new things, we challenge convention and we’re not afraid to fail. Above all, we are so grateful for all of your support with CASALWA all this time. Our mission is to always improve our quality, customer satisfaction, and giving the best value to our supporters. We hope we can go infinity and beyond!

Our Mission

CASALWA strive to become of the fashion brand that provide best-value products and services to customers.

Our Vision

CASALWA will give the customer an exclusive choice of muslimah-fashion trend and strive to be a well-managed organization throughout every year of our business.